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Rent Marketplace is an outstanding company with professional, courteous, and wonderful people. I highly recommend Rent Marketplace!

BJK Holdings LLC

Thanks for the Great Service!

I’ve never had a new tenant in a property this quickly!

Steve Brown

We made our lives much easier by using Rent Marketplace!

The best thing I ever did for our family was to engage Rent Marketplace to find renters for our property! Having Pam and Anne interact with all prosective tenants initially and have them schedule showings, made it very easy for me to show the property. At the next step, conducting back ground checks and then negotiating terms in a clear manner with the final candidates we chose was an incredibly smooth experience for us and I remember telling Pam I’m so glad she was there to do all that work!!! We also chose their Lease Agreement document service and we’re so glad we did that as that too helped us save a lot of time and mental calculations! So if you own a rental property and you’re looking for renters, then do yourself a favor and engage Rent Marketplace’s services to make your process way smoother than you expect!


Thank you so so much for making this…

Thank you so so much for making this experience easy, fast, and reliable!!

Jason Kelly


My experience with Rent Marketplace and working with Pam Storm was nothing short of stellar. As a property owner (turned new landlord), I desired to rent my property but still had a lot of concerns was unsure about renting my property for the first time. Pam Storm truly worked with me step by step – and methodically. She availed herself to not only assist in the process of securing a tenant but also making sure I understood the process and the industry. I was able to use Rent Marketplace for my prospective client applications, credit, and background checks. Very seamless, user-friendly platform. You really can’t ask for more – truly life changing!

Did I also mention how enthusiastic and personable Pam is??? Triple plus!

Sheronica B

Great Experience with Rent Marketplace!

As a new landlord, Rent Marketplace provided me with easy to understand instructions on how to attract the most qualified rental candidates. They were quick to answer questions and went above and beyond to make sure that I had a great experience and was satisfied with my results. I highly recommend Rent Marketplace services to both new and seasoned landlords who are looking for an easy and reliable approach to the renting process.


Checking with several companies trying…

Checking with several companies trying to find the right tenant with no success. I was referred to Pam at Rent Marketplace. Pam was professional from beginning to end. She invested a lot of her time and effort in finding RIGHT tenant. I really appreciate your guidance and the time you spent with me to help this transition go well. Having you on board made all the difference, and we were right to entrust you Pam! Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication!

Bobby Delay

Amazing experience and made the whole…

Amazing experience and made the whole process so easy. As a new landlord, I really didn’t know what to do to find the best tenant, but Pam walked me through the whole process and was available whenever I needed anything. Her knowledge and ideas blew me away, things I never would have thought to ask or be aware of when renting our townhome….the website was so easy to use, and I love that the forms were already created and personalized for what I needed. Will never use another rental site again!


Excellent Customer Service

I am a seasoned landlord who has used several tenant screening companies in the past, but Rent Marketplace “hit it out of the park!”
Their staff was extremely customer focus and professional. I was using their platform to setup my profile on a Sunday night and was still able to chat with a live person who walked me through the process.
Their staff was also willing to make recommendations for tenant selection after receiving application and background reports. Rent Marketplace is now a vital member of my team!

Michelle McMillan

Excellent professional company

Excellent professional company. Offers personalized support as well if you question your risk in any given situation. Also there are guidelines that minimize risk that are an excellent reference tool. The process is smooth and effortless. As starting out i highly appreciated risk evaluation support. Very user friendly website. I recommend this company hands down!
Their staff was also willing to make recommendations for tenant selection after receiving application and background reports. Rent Marketplace is now a vital member of my team!

Susan S

Rent Marketplace assists landlords with…

Rent Marketplace assists landlords with online applications, and credit and background checks. Pam gave me personal attention to how I should market and scrutinize potential tenants.

Don Buckner

Thanks Pam and Rentmarketplace!

Pam’s response time is great, morning or evening. She advised me on my listing, screening requirements, tenant selection and communication all the way through. She helped me manage timeline and funneling applicants to seek the most qualified prospect. Lastly Pam was very supportive and also real with me because the process was an emotional one and she offered a systematic approach that produced a great result. I will use rentmarketplace again for sure.

Steve F

Top notch personalized service!

I recently rented my house out for the very first time. I used Rent Marketplace based on recommendations while attending a seminar for residential rental education. I was extremely pleased with the level of personal service given throughout the entire process. The quality of the website and tools it offers is worth the cost. What was unexpected and made this worth far more was the personal attention that Pam and her staff gave me and my potential tenants in order to make sure the process went smoothly. I would HIGHLY recommend Rent Marketplace to anyone needing this type of service, especially someone new to this business.

Doug Lord

Great service from end-to-end

Great service from end-to-end. Customer service is fantastic!! RMP even assisted some of my technically challenge applicants through the entire application process which allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business. They even offered to call back some of my applicants, reviewed and offered feedback on my final applicant.

Tim F. - FNW Properties

Excellent addition to my landlording toolbox

Rent Marketplace is a wonderful addition to my landlording toolbox. Everyone there is super helpful and the tools are very intuitive and easy to use. I highly recommend their services.


Rent Market Place is AMAZING

Rent Market Place is AMAZING! There are a number of similar companies and I’ve contact some of them. But Rent Market Place stands above them all!! They truly believe in a personal touch, walking me through every phase of the process and offering expert counsel along the way! I had my first onboarding experience as a landlord and it has gone smoothly! A lot of it has to do with the Rent Market Place platform, and the Rent Market Place staff!

Plus, potential tenants have told me it was the easiest process they’ve gone through.

A Johnson

Great experience

Great experience. Customer service and support are top notch.


The rent market place has been very…

The rent market place has been very helpful in my tenant selection process. Working with Pam has been a great experience. She is very patient in explaining the process . She clearly explains the screening process and helps review the candidates application and background screening. It has been a real pleasure working with Pam! I highly recommend the rent market place.

V Askins

RentMarket place is so easy to use

RentMarket place is so easy to use. It is very intuitive and does not require a lot to get started.


This is LITERALLY the beat decision we…

This is LITERALLY the beat decision we have made in a VERY long time.. we have eliminated the need for going on “gut instinct” OR hunches towards a potential client… It gives us a so much comfort in making the CORRECT decision.. The customer service is TOP SHELF !! A wonderful organization.


Thanks for the great service!

The tenants were very complimentary regarding your staff and the service they received. Thanks again!

Landlord Customer

As a landlord…

As a landlord, I wish I would have discovered Rent Marketplace a long time ago, their ” Rental Acceptance Criteria” outline, and total support processing prospective tenants has helped me eliminate so many unqualified rental prospects and saved me so much time. Thank you for all your help and support and helping me find an excellent tenant.


The team at rentmarketplace is very…

The team at rentmarketplace is very responsive and eager to help. I would highly recommend rentmarketplace to any property manager looking to screen potential tenants.


A can’t live without serviceAnne and her team at Rent Marketplace…

Anne and her team at Rent Marketplace are spectacular! If you are a small property manager or self managing landlord who have discovered that your tenant selection is costing you a lot of money and not to mention headache, then you want to form a solid relationship with Rent Marketplace. They have provided me with a human, personal and professional touch that has allowed me to feel confident about my decisions to rent. I feel like I have a solid partner to help me with the most difficult part of my business – tenant selection.

HS Development

Intuitive and personalized

Pam was thorough and on top of all my applications. Answered any and all questions I had as a new landlord. Even went out of the way to clear up a credit check issue by calling the prospective tenant herself! Highly recommended!


Rent Marketplace – An invaluable tool for my business!

I found RM’s services to be extremely valuable. Being a newbie to the world of landlording, I found this tool to be very helpful to my business and helping me navigate the waters of finding and screening my first tenant. Pam Storm was there to help and guide me every step of the way. Not only was she extremely helpful, she was PROACTIVELY helpful by often checking in with me as I moved through each stage of the process. I honestly don’t know that I would’ve made the right choice in choosing a tenant without Pam’s help and consolation. I enjoyed using the Rent Marketplace platform and found it very easy to integrate into my super busy days during this time. Being able to quickly forward an application to interested renters wherever I am and being able to navigate the site quickly to look at all the activity that is happening with the rental process was fantastic. I certainly intend to continue to integrate RM into my business model as I grow my rental portfolio and rent out more homes!

Antonio Perkins

The website was easy to use

The website was easy to use. As the landlord, I was able to setup what I needed with no problems. The potential renters said the same thing. I would recommend anyone use this site to screen tenants.

Audrey Sherrod

Excellent Service

I would highly recommend Pam and her team at Rent Marketplace. Not only are they developing great tools to help streamline the tenant screening process for landlords, the personal service they provide from start to finish is nothing short of excellent. I look forward to working with them in the future.

J Stephens

Rent with confidence, rent with RentMarketplace.com’s help!

I really appreciate Pam and the team from Rentmarketplace.com. They were so helpful and engaging during the who process of finding, vetting and signing a renter in our apartment. I don’t know how we could have done it without them!

We learned a lot through the process and RentMarketplace.com was there for us every step of the way. I would highly recommend them for all your rental needs from start to finish. Rent with confidence, rent with RentMarketplace.com’s help!

Sean German

A trusted partner!

Awesome guidance, superior availability 7 days week, 8am-8pm.., very experienced, smooth process. Anne and the team made this a great experience. It was like having a team of employees working towards the same goal. They are not just screeners, they understand the rental industry.

Dave C

I would recommend this company to …

I would recommend this company to anyone seeking a company who really cares about their customers.
My business needs sometimes required assistance after the normal 9-5 hours. Rent Market Place never failed to meet my business needs or return a callback if follow up was needed.

Jacqueline Jones Moore

Streamline your tenant screening process by working with Rent Marketplace …

Working with Rent Marketplace saved a lot of time. The service provided – removed the hassle of having prospective tenants complete applications, collecting fees and gathering information for background checks. Also, they provided helpful input on their interactions with prospective tenants. Assisted in narrowing down my rental criteria and so much more. Overall it was an excellent experience and I would definitely use their service again.

Patricia McCracken

AMAZING attention to detail!

They were extremely thorough. They helped me through every facet of my first time leasing. I was truly blessed to have them as a resource, and I will continue to use them as long as I am a landlord.

David Gearring Jr.

Pam’s advise was so valuable through …

Pam’s advise was so valuable through out the process. I was very pleased with her guidence. Thanks again.

Jeff S

This site has good technology and even …

This site has good technology and even better people. It is functional, affordable, scaleable and now an integral part of my business.

Mark Pauly

Excellent service

Excellent service, very responsive, accurate, and helpful. Placing my preferred tenant was a breeze!

Scott M

The staff was very responsive and hands …

The staff was very responsive and hands on. They checked in regularly and guided us through making informed decisions.

Imprint Properties

Rent Marketpace far exceeded my …

Rent Marketpace far exceeded my expectations! The site is professional, easy to use, and the online chat was available to answer all of my questions. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a follow up call from Pam, the owner of Rent Marketplace to ensure that all of my questions had been addressed. Pam also gave me very valuable advice on the dos and don’ts of tenant screening which was extremely helpful since this is my first rental experience. Rent Marketplace is so much more than a tenant screening portal, the people there really care about your success as a landlord.

Janet B

Rent marketplace was very helpful and …I was very pleased with all they do!

Rent marketplace was very helpful and efficient at checking my tenant applicants. I will keep using them each time I have a vacancy.

Roger Dailey

Great for renting for the first time!

Rent MarketPlace certainly alleviated all my anxieties about renting my property for the first time. The website is very easy to use and the chat option helps greatly when having difficulty. I was also impressed with their customer service as they would often call to ask how things were going, any questions, and for feedback regarding services they provide. A great company to help you rent your property!

Greg S.

Rent Marketplace plays an important …

Rent Marketplace plays an important role in helping me to successfully screen tenants for my rental properties. They go above and beyond and the personalized service is first class. I highly recommend using this firm.


Exceptional Experience

It is really a pleasure to know there are businesses out there that are committed to ensuring the client has a positive experience! RentMarketPlace does not hide behind automation; when I experienced difficulty with an applicant’s application Anne in customer support reached out to me and Pam the (President) followed up with a call and remained in constant contact until the application process was complete. They are resourceful and their customer care is by far the best; Thanks Pam & RentMarketPlace!

Joyce T

Great Service

Great service, had an issue with an applicant that could not verify identity for background check. Customer service called applicant right away and stayed with her until issue was resolved.

Ed Souza

Simplified the app and background …

Simplified the app and background check process, great service.


Great tool to screen tenants

Great tool to screen tenants. Tech support is excellent. Rentmarketplace helped me to find the perfect tenants. Extremely easy to use. Instant credit and background report. I highly recommened all landlords to use this website to screen tenants.



The assistance that rentmarketplace.com provides is by far the best one on one experience. You can actually speak to a human and a very nice one at that. The process of sending out apps for potential tenants is seamless. I highly recommend using their services for screening your potential tenants.

Andres Rivero

This system helps streamline the …

This system helps streamline the process of managing and verifying information on applicants. The background check option is great because the tenant can initiate it with their online consent and pay for it directly online as well. The online application and background check is no cost to the property manager. Great customer service, too. Try it, you’ll like it!

Joyce G

Best and Easiest Company to use for Screening Potential Tenants

This is the company to go to when looking for the perfect way to screen a new tenant. The website is easy to use and exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend Rent Marketplace to all my family/friends/associates. Also, I will definitely use the company again when I purchase my next rental property.


Very easy to use

Very easy to use. Made my tenant screening process a lot more productive. Pam took the time to walk me through the steps and guided me for my first use of the service. I love it, and my applicant loves it, too. Highly recommend to anyone who needs to screen renters.