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When your rental property turns, the process of getting your property ready for rent again while pre-screening rental candidates can be exhausting.

Today we are sharing two pre-screening soundbites to use with your candidate pool that our clients have relayed were invaluable to them.


When you do start vetting new candidates, the typical question you get asked is invariably….

When can I see the property?  This leads us to soundbite #1 to pull out of your toolkit:


 “First let’s talk about what we’re both looking for and see if there is even a potential fit.”  


This response accomplishes a few purposes:

  1. It sets the table, so to speak.  It lets the candidate know you have requirements which must be met.  Not just anyone can come and see the property
  2. It leads to a direct conversation quickly.  You say “here’s what I’m looking for…” — do you meet those requirements?  If not, you can politely say “it doesn’t look like we have a fit here” and both parties have saved a lot of energy
  3. It opens the door for a great open-ended conversation when you then ask the candidate “what you are you looking for?”.  Maybe you were secretly worried that your home isn’t in a great school district and the candidates generally just seem to mention proximity to the highways.  You’ll learn a lot from this exchange

It’s just an efficient and easy way to steer the conversation where you need it to be and for you both to get what you need.  Try it.

The next soundbite is…

“Now Let’s Talk About My Process”

“Now, let me tell you about my process.”  

This equally accomplishes a number of goals:

  1. You’re setting the table again, a polite way to let the other party know you have expectations and run a responsible outfit.  Good applicants will be drawn to this
  2. You can clearly set expectations now.  Whatever your process is, you can relay it.  If candidates aren’t comfortable with it, they won’t be further wasting your time.  If you don’t have a process, you should.
  3. Now you have a way to judge if your candidates follow instruction and do what they say they are going to do
  4. It helps set a timeline.  For example, perhaps your process is to require an online rental application to be submitted, and once you review it, you’ll show the property if the initial hurdles are met.  Now you can say “When do you intend to complete the application?”.

Try these two simple pre-screning soundbites and we think you’ll:

  1. Get better information up front about your interested parties
  2. Learn more about what your applicant pool is looking for and why they are interested in your specific property
  3. Save time by being more targeted with your showings, conversations, and process
  4. Attract renters who understand your timelines, process and expectations

You can put these ‘soundbites’ to work for you in your listing, your voicemail and/or email responses etc.  Use of these ‘soundbites’ can be in any media.

Practice and see if you find yourself being much more efficient.

A productive five minute phone call or email exchange is infinitely more productive than showing to candidates who would never qualify, who would not be attracted to certain characteristics of your rental, who cannot follow your process, or the dreaded no-show.

It sounds easy enough, the preparation to have your rental acceptance requirements and your process are the hard part.  Visit our Landlord Toolkit or reach out if you need to talk this through!  678-800-1850.

Be targeted early on, know what a ‘fit’ is, relay your process, and save time with these easy soundbites!





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