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Free landlord software, tenant screening that applicants can pay for.

Pay for what you need, when you need it.

No monthly software subscription fees, no hidden fees, no minimums, no trials to cancel.

The average renter stays 3 years, so why pay monthly subscription fees?

Use us from application to lease or just for a piece of your process.  It’s that flexible and easy.

Plus our personal attention.

Have questions about your rental requirements, candidates, or process?

We’ll help.  Really.  See what our clients say.


Online Rental Application

Save Time and Money – For Free

You don’t have to use our online application, but it’s awesome and free.


  • Eliminate the back and forth of chasing

down info


  • Focus your time on serious candidates

by identifying tire-kickers early in the process


  • Remove the time-consuming tasks of

printing and filing


Tenant Screening / Background Reports

So easy, it takes users less than 5 minutes to complete a background check!

  • Free for Landlords when Applicants Pay


  • Dive Deep in the Details or Stay High

Level with Rental Recommendation and Score

  • No Impact to Your Candidates’ Credit
  • Compliant, with easy Adverse Action

Letter Generation and Built-In Consent

  • Thorough eviction search logic unveils

evictions at addresses applicants tend not to report


  • Includes both initial filings & judgements

Online Rental Lease

Your Own Configured Lease in Less than 20 Minutes

Prepared by experienced real estate attorneys and easily configured to your own situation.

  • Comprehensive, configurable,

and fast

  • Remove the time-consuming tasks

of printing and filing

Rent Payment Processing

Hassle-Free Rent Payment Processing, All In One Familiar Place!

Instant and Easy Bank Account Verification

Instant Balance Verification with 5-7 Day ACH Processing and 2-3 Day Debit Card Processing

Renters can Expedite Payment and Set & Forget Recurring Payments

Landlords can Prevent Partial Pays, Use for One-Time Fees (Security Deposits, Late Fees, Pet Fees etc)

Easy Landlord Tracking of Payments / Who Paid What & When

FREE Rent Payment Reporting to Bureaus


Tenant Placement

This popular service is perfect for owners who are starting out, or who are too busy to handle this time-sensitive and hectic process.



One-time fee of $450, due upon collection of the security deposit


Review and complete this Tenant Placement Request form:



  • Prepare and post the rental listing on Zillow
  • Handle all incoming inquiries
  • Pre-screen applicants to ensure they meet the rental requirements
  • Facilitate viewing for ‘qualified’ applicants
  • Follow up to hear their feedback
  • Send rental application and background checks
  • Perform rental and landlord verifications
  • Ensure receipt and review of all supporting documents
  • Keep you posted of the quantity and quality of applicants
  • Prepare the lease
  • Coordinate collection of the security deposit and first month’s rent