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Landlord Toolkit

Enjoy these free resources to help you in your ‘everyday landlord’ responsibilities.

These resources are broadly intended to assist you and each individual has unique circumstances, properties, and local regulations that may play in.  Naturally, consult your attorney or CPA.

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Download our infographic on the 5 Steps of Tenant Screening and quickly grasp an overview of the process.

For more details regarding the tenant screening process, refer to our “How to Screen Like the Pro’s Guide.”

Infographic on the 5 Steps to Tenant Screening

Applicant Consent

If you have your own application and background process in mind and you just want an applicant consent, check out the attached.  As always, consult your attorney.  This covers the basics and ensures you remember your landlord obligation to always get a consumer consent before performing any part of a background process.

For more information, visit our Blog page or Landlord Guides.

Rental Property Worksheet Analysis

Rental Property Analysis Worksheet


This spreadsheet helps calculate and evaluate the draft financial performance of a rental property.  Input a few of the basic fields, and the spreadsheet calculates measures like Cash Return, Net Operating Income, Cap Rate and more.  Use at your own risk and as a tool and be sure to consult your CPA/team/run your own analysis.

Paper Rental Application

We think online is the way to go, but if you’re looking for a printable paper rental application, you can download, print and use this one.

Our mantra is also to ask for the right information at the right time in the process — to create a frictionless process — so if you’re wondering why some input fields are here or not, give us a shout at 678-800-1850.


Refer to our Compliance Guide for more information on staying compliant with Fair Housing, and refer to our Screening like the Pros Guide to learn some tips from professional management companies on how they screen.

Sample Rental Applicant Requirements

Sample Rental Acceptance Requirements Worksheet

Sample Rental Requirements are attached.

These absolutely must be tailored to your own property and circumstances.  

Call us with questions!  678-800-1850.

Sample Georgia Residential Lease


Take a look at a sample Georgia lease and see what clauses are important to you.  If you have a lease, see what you may want to add, and if you don’t have a lease, familiarize yourself with the important clauses and concepts.  We’ve inserted comments throughout highlighting special features of our Lease Generator tool.

Most of what you see in this lease is configurable using the Lease Generator tool.  It offers easy questions to create your own lease, state-specific disclosures and state-specific tooltips to help with any statutory requirements.

You want to look for a few lease basics:

  1. Ensure all tenants are “joint and severally liable” so that if you have multiple tenants and one tenant can’t pay rent, the full rent remains due
  2. Ensure security deposits are compliant with your state laws.  Security deposits are one of the biggest ‘issues’ when it comes to a lease challenge
  3. Use a “Severability” clause so that if any provision of the lease is found to be unenforceable, the remainder of the lease remains in tact and enforceable

See our blog posts about Lease Tips for more information by visiting our Blog page and clicking on the Lease category.