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How It Works

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1. Create an account

This way you can return to saved work

2. Set up a property

Everything has to do with a property

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Online Rental Application


You don’t have to use our application — but it’s awesome, and free.  No more fussing to find and print applications.  Say goodbye to chasing down missing information.

Send Online Application


Input your candidate’s name and email address to auto-generate an email with a unique application link to our standard, compliant application.

Candidate Completes Application


Candidate receives email, creates account, and completes the online application.  Candidates can also attach supporting documentation (drivers license copy, pay stubs).

Review Application


Receive email alert that application is ready and begin your review.



Try it and you’ll see why both landlords and applicants say, “It’s just so easy”

  • Your candidates will complete it

quickly — while attaching proof of ID,

pay stubs and more

  • Built-in email features and

templates make communication with your

candidates easy

  • Automatically saved and stored for

you and your candidates



Online rental application page

You can’t imagine the dozens of hours I saved with this online application.  I instructed candidates to complete it before I showed them the property since it’s free.  I could gauge their interest level and ability to follow-up before investing more time.  It was huge.


Scott M, Real Estate Investor / Ga Cobb Sub-Group Leader

Credit & Background Checks


Easy and fast, with great support for you and your candidates.  No site visits, no outsourced support.  Our team’s average tenure in tenant screening is over 10 years.

Send Background Request


Input the candidate’s name and email address to auto-email the candidate with a unique background link.  Choose who pays, select package, and set a few acceptance standards.

Candidate Completes Request


Candidate receives email request, authenticates by answering a few questions, pays (dependent on set-up in Step 1), and provides consent to send results straight to you!

Review Background Report


Review the background report within minutes of your candidate submitting consent.  Click to view a sample basic background report .  Generate an adverse action letter, if necessary.

Rent Payment Processing & Reporting to Credit Bureau


One of the only companies approved to report rent payments on behalf of individual landlords, we make it easy and inexpensive.

Super-charge your success by attracting better renters immediately — while providing a valuable benefit to them.


Set Up Rent Payments


Input basic info like lease start and end date and monthly rent $ owed.

Renter Pays You


Renter receives alerts that rent is due and makes secure, electronic payment using the Rent Marketplace platform.

Rent Payments Reported


Each month we send rental payment details to TransUnion.  Good-paying renters will see noticeable credit lift in short order!

Lease Documents


You don’t need to hire an attorney or re-type all your information again – we’ve taken care of all that for you!

  1. Answer a few simple Lease Generator questions to configure your state-specific lease
  2. Input some required fields like late fees and bounced check fees.  State-specific tooltips offer guidance
  3. Optional:  Add in your own lease clauses for unusual situations
  4. Configure addenda easily, such as Pet Addenda or Lead Paint Addenda

Presto!  Review and complete your lease.

Route your lease package for signature, download, or print it



Watch this short 1:40 video to see how easy it is to create your own lease using the Rent Marketplace Lease Generator.