• Clearly Define Lease Terms. Make sure you are intimate with the details of your lease and that it conveys how you want to manage your property and rental relationship
  • Think Through Details Before Lease Signing. Plan out all details such as how many days notice you require, for whom, responsibilities around utilities and landscaping before finalizing your lease.
  • Make Sure the Lease Document is Professional and Customized to Your Rental Business. Don’t borrow one from your realtor; that lease is designed by nature to protect the realtor and/or agent, and it’s unprofessional.  You want one that protects you as the owner, and conveys to your tenant that you are the consummate professional that knows and understands the details of the lease.
  • Utilize Online Lease Documents, Completion and Delivery. Use an electronic tool if possible to eliminate unnecessary hassle; meta-data such as signatures and time-stamps will be captured, and you and your resident can easily reference this.

Rent Marketplace helps independent landlords and local property managers save time and money with our one-stop shop solution suite. With integrated online rental applications, tenant screening, state-specific leases and more, landlords can find and move in better residents faster, while going paperless.

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