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  • Manage Rental Payments: Stay on top of payments and have a system down for how you will handle late payments, non-payments, partial payments etc.  Have your forms and letters ready, document when you send them etc.  No wiggle room here, once you allow slippage it can be hard to defend in court and sends the wrong message to your renter.  Be firm, that’s the fairest policy.
  • Make Rental Repairs On Time: Making repairs on time is part of the reason we’re in the business — we want to help provide safe and affordable housing.  Build your financial cushion so that financially you’re not setback, and then it’s just down to logistics.
  • Improve Rental Property Value: When property is vacant, improve at least one aspect.  Depending on the class of property and how long you want to hold onto it, the range of possibilities is long — roof, appliances, paint (remember to use eggshell), HVAC, bathroom and so on.

Rent Marketplace helps independent landlords and local property managers save time and money with our one-stop shop solution suite. With integrated online rental applications, tenant screening, state-specific leases and more, landlords can find and move in better residents faster, while going paperless.

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