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Benefits for Applicants and Renters

Reap tangible benefits that matter.

Like moving in faster, and not having your credit lowered because you’re searching for a new place.

No Impact to Your Credit

Not all background reports are created equal — some are a “hard hit” to your credit and negatively impact your credit score.  We place a “soft hit” to your credit, so while you’re searching for a new place, your search doesn’t negatively impact your credit.  This is important, be sure to ask your potential landlords “will your screening process impact my credit?”. Remember, credit scores play into many aspects of your financial health, like what you pay for auto insurance.


Our background process is easy.  Simply authenticate yourself online and provide permission for your credit and background reports to be sent directly to your prospective landlord.  Once you complete these steps, your background report is sent to your prospective property owner/manager in seconds!


Your SSN is masked and never revealed to the landlord. All your data is secure.  And, no spamming, ever.

Go Paperless

Complete and send your rental application online, and use e-signature to quickly and legally sign your lease. Your documents are stored in the cloud for your quick reference – no more digging for a paper copy or awkwardly asking your landlord for a copy of your lease.


Both you and your property owner are alerted as to each step in the process so you can take prompt action. We guide you both along for next best actions so you are informed and prepared. Screening results are back in seconds and leases can be completed and signed in under 10 minutes.


With more than 15 years of screening and software experience, we aim to inform all parties of the compliance environment and bring professionalism and knowledge to every transaction.

It's All Right Here

Easy rental application, fast backgrounds, and understandable leases.


Peace of Mind

Social Security Numbers are not shared with landlords.  No spamming.  Easy to use.


Alerts move the process along.  Backgrounds in seconds.  Great service.

Want to keep your credit in tact and your information secure?

Tell your prospective landlord or property manager about Rent Marketplace.