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Benefits for Landlords

It’s so easy to vet and move in your tenants, you’ll be spending your extra time looking for more rental properties.

Reduce vacancy expense

Minimize vacancy loss by identifying and securing your best candidate quickly.


Go Paperless

No more printing, scanning, and storing paper documents.

Superior Applicant Experience

No ding to candidate credit and easy processes keep them engaged.

No Compliance Worries

Consents and adverse action letters built in.  From founders with over 16 million screening transactions.

Cloud Storage

No more requests to re-send your application, no more searching for the lease copy.  Everything in one place.

Save Time

You’ll be more efficient with each step of the process.  Input data once and watch it flow.  All right here.

Work Virtually

Manage your move-in process from anywhere, anytime.  Everything is now automated.



Up & running before you know it.  Background results instant after consent.  Prepare your own lease in 10 minutes.

Fast and Easy Tenant Screening

Flexible:  Choose whether you or the applicant pay

Secure:  No SSNs shared

Speed:  Results within seconds of applicant’s consent

Quality:  Partnered with TransUnion

Professional:  No ding to your candidate’s credit

Tenant Screening Background Reports

Tenant Screening Background Reports

Not all credit reports are created equal.   Color-coded and formatted for easy interpretation, you won’t miss a thing.

Sample Tenant Screening and Credit Report

All the details are included so you can dive into trade-lines, credit inquiries and more.  Compare employment info, addresses and more to the application.

Custom Credit Rental Recommendation

We use your property inputs, such as rent-to-income ratio, to derive a custom credit recommendation.

credit score

Some workflows hurt a renter’s credit due to their housing search.  Renters will appreciate that when you pull their credit, you are making a ‘soft’ hit which will not impact the candidate’s credit.  Nice job!

Configurable and Comprehensive Leases

Lease State Specific Ques's

Each state has it’s own configurable lease, and the Lease Generator will ask you state-specific questions to ensure all appropriate disclosures are made.

Lease State Specific Tooltips

Complete your lease with confidence.  The state-specific tooltips call out up-to-date requirements, such as limits on security deposits and late fees, or requirements around grace periods.

Easy Lease Generator

The Lease Generator makes it so easy.  Comprehensive yet configurable.

Reliable:  State specific and drafted by attorneys

Current:  Up-to-date with latest regulations

Easy:  Lease Generators configures lease to your liking

Robust:  Relevant addenda included

Flexible:  Download, share or print

Landlord Property page

Rest Assured.

Robust Software


Flexible software supports your process.  Use it from application to lease or any step in between

Input data once – data seamlessly flows to next steps for ease of use and data integrity

Guided workflow and tooltips offered throughout each step of the rental process


Bank Level Security


Bank level security and encryption

Robust workflow in which full SSN’s are not shared

Document version control and data integrity


Fast, Easy, and Compliant


Create an account in under a minute.  Create a lease in under 10 minutes.  Background results in seconds.

User-designed software that’s intuitive.  Background reports that are formatted so that they’re easy to understand

Focus throughout on compliance with built-in background consents, Adverse Action letters, Lead Paint Addenda, and more