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Landlords need new tenants to fill rental vacancies, but each new tenant comes with multiple risks and uncertainties:

  • Will they pay their rent on time?
  • Are they employed?
  • Do they have any prior evictions?

Before tenant screening solutions existed, landlords were left to their own devices to figure out if a tenant was worthy. Luckily, modern landlords can take control of their leasing decisions by tapping into online resources to review credit, criminal and eviction histories for each tenant.

Rent Marketplace provides an easy, reliable online tenant screening solution designed to give landlords great reports, great convenience, and great tenants. Landlords can set their own preferences – such as rent-to-income – to receive clear leasing recommendations on each tenant.

Designed specifically with landlords in mind, Rent Marketplace provides:

  • A clear, reliable and customized leasing recommendation based on landlord criteria
  • A criminal report drawing from hundreds of millions of nationwide criminal records
  • A TransUnion credit report formatted exclusively for rental screening purposes
  • A national evictions report drawing from a database of more than 24 million eviction records

The screening process is simple and takes place entirely online. Plus the entire process can be done on a mobile device, on the go. Once the renter fills out the application, the reports are delivered within minutes to the landlord.

Finding the right tenant is one of the most important aspects of successfully managing a rental. When it comes to tenant screening, Rent Marketplace offers a convenient solution that delivers high-quality information quickly so that landlords can make a more informed leasing decision.

Rent Marketplace helps independent landlords and local property managers save time and money with our one-stop shop solution suite. With integrated online rental applications, tenant screening, state-specific leases and more, landlords can find and move in better residents faster, while going paperless.

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