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Is Your Rental Applicant a Good Fit for Your Rental Property and the Neighborhood?

It goes without saying you desire a resident that won’t disturb the peace and will leave the rental property in good shape. This is where the tenant criminal report comes in – does your applicant exhibit respectful behavior that your fellow neighbors will appreciate?  Or, will they be bringing trouble to your vicinity.  An equally undesirable situation is one in which your resident pays but creates havoc, increasing your phone calls, workload, and stress.  Again, have your acceptance criteria in mind first so you don’t fall into the victim trap.  Is a misdemeanor OK?  Multiple?  What about felonies?  Pay attention to the details here and ask good questions.  People can change, but do you need to take risks on your property right now?   These are some of the questions that will inevitably rise.
“Potential Gotcha”:  Only convictions are displayed in a criminal report, rightly so – innocent until proven guilty.  Arrests are not listed, so beware of someone who may have recently been arrested and is now moving.  You may want to avoid someone who has a history of frequent arrests, or someone who lies on their application.
In summary, tenant background reports are incredibly useful and an essential part of the process – but you need to be informed about what the represent and don’t, and how you can use them to follow up and protect yourself and your investment.

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