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About Us

Our mission is to help landlords, property managers, and realtors move in reliable renters, efficiently, so they may focus on growing a successful real estate portfolio or business.



A more efficient rental marketplace brings benefits to all parties —  important benefits, like those mentioned to the side.

  • Access to the same knowledge and tools that professional property managers use
  • Ability to build wealth faster
  • Greater understanding and timelier information about rental payments behaviors
  • Faster and more efficient on-boarding of renters
  • An improved, more professional rental experience
  • Greater access to housing and expanded options
  • Ability to improve credit with rental payments
  • Expanded investment opportunities
  • Greater insight into portfolio risk
  • Near real-time information on the health of rental property loans

How We Hone In On Reliable Renters

We aim to bring more information and transparency to all parties.  In large part, this is driven by great technology.



Information has a dual-purpose:

  1.  We strive to educate both the landlords and renters. Landlords need to be informed to foster a professional and compliant process, and renters should be aware of their rights and the lease contract provisions they are agreeing to.
  2.  We aim to bring new data to the marketplace – insights that lead to better decisions



We aim to bring more transparency to the rental process  —  specifically to rental payments. Rent is typically the biggest expense of any household, and yet it is generally not reported to the credit bureaus, like mortgage payments are. There are many legitimate reasons for this, but we aim to help renters ‘get the credit they deserve’ for their rental payment behavior.



Amazing workflow and ease of use make Rent Marketplace affordable and simple while capturing relevant data we can bring back to our users.


People with integrity to demonstrate our values


Why else bother.  Here’s a picture of some people we think have great integrity.

Supporting variety as one of our values

Celebrate variety

Amazing how each of the billion+ people on the planet are unique, isn’t it!  Thank goodness.

People with equality to demonstrate our values


No hierarchy here.  We value people who speak their mind, and lead by hard work and example.  Here’s a picture of someone who sacrificed more than we can imagine for equality and inspires us.

People who do good to demonstrate our values

Do Good, Now

Billie Jean King said “pressure is a privilege.”  Don’t wait for the right moment to ‘do good’, it’s here.

People who go the last value to demonstrate our values

Go the Last Mile

We think lots of people can do average, and accomplish a solid 80% of a goal.  Great things happen when people ‘go the last mile’, especially when nobody is looking.  Here’s someone we think is extraordinary at going the last mile.


Rent Marketplace is founded by Pam Storm. With 15+ years of tenant screening, software, and data and analytics experience, she has helped facilitate over 16 million tenant screening transactions.

She enjoys real estate investing and managing a few of her own rental properties.  Passionate about safe and affordable housing, she is in her 5th year of serving on the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Board.


We are proud and active members of many organizations.  Here are just a few.

Picture of Pam Storm
Member of Georgia Real Estate Investors Association
Member of National Association of Real Estate Property Management
Member of National Real Estate Investors Association

As Seen In…

  • Coach Carson:  One of our favorite bloggers and such a successful real estate investor he is traveling abroad with his family for a year.  He suggests Rent Marketplace as a great tool, having actually used it (no affiliation/relationship to note, other than mutual respect)
  • Rentler:  Renter did a nice article giving advice on how to rent successfully, and asked our #1 tip
  • Multi Housing Pro:  From Pam’s decade plus of tenant screening, Multi Housing reached out to ask where the industry is going


Contact Us

You can reach us a variety of ways.

Address:  3522 Ashford Dunwoody Rd., #515 | Atlanta, GA  30319

Phone:  678-800-1850

Email:  [email protected]