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Rental application for landlord

Rental Applications

Free and full-featured, our online rental application is fast, easy, and compliant. View Features

Background checks for landlords

Credit and Background Checks

Not all Background Reports are created equal.  Secure, accurate, fast, and easy-to-read. View Features

Lease documents for landlords

Lease Documents

State-specific leases prepared by experienced attorneys with an easy Wizard to create your own lease. View Features

Coming Soon - Rental Payment Processing!

Easy and secure for you and your renters.  Prevent partial pays and other important features.  View Features

Rent Payment Reporting to Bureau - Beta!

Market that you report rental payments to TransUnion.  On time payers will be attracted and weak payers may look elsewhere.

Here’s A Snapshot of What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

“My applicants aren’t tech-savvy.  I would’ve lost a lot of good tenants if it weren’t for Rent Marketplace’s amazing Support”

Anna G., TN

“Couldn’t have done it without them, very happy”

Patricia J, FL

“Rent Marketplace has saved me countless hours with tips and advice and I’ve learned more from them in 20 minutes than the last few years”

Darrell, Covington


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Free and Full-Featured Landlord Software


  • Rental applications, tenant screening, configurable leases and more
  • Software tracks applicant status, timestamps, and progress
  • Integrated workflow, input data once and watch it flow
  • Use for entire process or to fill process gaps
  • Alerts for all parties keep the process moving swiftly
  • Robust workflows in which full SSN’s are not shared
  • Easy, free, and secure

We're Your Secret Power

You’re juggling a lot of responsibilities. From tenant screens to hiring a plumber…We want to make your job easier. And make you more effective. 

Rent Marketplace’s proprietary software provides you with the tools you need to be more efficient, so you can build your portfolio faster, be alert in that day-long meeting, or have fun on your weekends.  

So in short, you can think of us as your secret power.

Landlord's secreet power